Home Phone Plans


All home phone plans have been discontinued effective 29/4/10

Home Phone

Plans Monthly Price Local Calls National Calls National Calls To Mobiles International Calls Call Connect
Soul Home Talk $29.95 17.5c 16c/min off peak
24c/min peak time
33c/min From 5c/min 35c*
Soul World $19.95 + $20
min. call spend
22c 16c/min off peak
24c/min peak time
35c/min From 5c/min 39c*
Soul Never Pay Line
Rental Again
$0.00 + $59
min. call spend
20c 16c/min off peak
24c/min peak time
37c/min From 5c/min 39c*

Terms & Conditions: *A call connect fee of 35 cents applies to all calls except local calls. Call costs are inclusive of GST and GST rounding applies. Local calls are calls within a defined local service area and are charged per call. Call costs for national calls to landlines and mobiles and international calls are quoted per minute and are billed per 6 seconds. Call costs apply to direct-dialled calls from most landline phones. Additional charges apply to operator assisted calls. Line rental and plan fees are charged monthly in advance and are subject to a pro rata calculation in your first and last month of activation. Line rental, service and equipment charges are subject to change without notice.