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Introducing Push to Talk 

When using compatible mobile phones, Push to Talk (PTT) allows you to talk with one, or all, members of a pre-defined group on the same network, much like using walkie-talkies.

Features and Benefits 

Push to Talk is a direct method for one-on-one or one-to-group communication. By pushing one button on the mobile phone, one-way communication can be made to an individual or a talk group over the GSM network using GPRS. Push to Talk is a great way to be in touch with one or more people instantly.

  • Direct speech connection is spontaneous and convenient.
  • Share information and experiences instantly, at any time.
  • Get and stay in touch with a group of people, whether they're pre-set, impromptu, or open chat groups.
  • View the availability status of group members directly on your phone.

Activating this Service 

To activate the Push to Talk service you will need to register. You can register in 1 of 2 ways: using SMS or Soul Optus Zoo.

To register using SMS:  

  • Create a new SMS including: PTT <your postcode>. For example: PTT 6000
  • Send the SMS to 8888.

To register using Soul Optus Zoo:  

  • Visit our website and select ‘Optus Zoo’ to register and log in.
  • Go to ‘Communicate’, and then to ‘Push to Talk’.
  • Enter your postcode and select ‘Send Settings’.


You will receive a text message containing a unique PIN number. You will need to use this PIN number to accept the Push to Talk settings that will arrive in a second message.

  • Open the second message, enter your unique PIN number and select ‘Ok’.
  • Select ‘Options’ and ‘Save’ to configure all settings.
  • Exit from the message.
  • You are now registered to use the Push to Talk service.

Using this Service 

Once registered, the Push to Talk service is easy to use by following the instructions below.

How to perform a Push to Talk broadcast  

You will first need to update your Nickname, as the nickname stored in the phone is the same as your service number.

  • Select ‘Settings’, then ‘Edit Active Service Settings’ and change the ‘Default Nickname’.
  • On the mobile phone, enter the PTT menu and select a ‘group’.
  • Push and hold the PTT button and start talking, don’t release the button until you have finished talking.
  • The rest of the group will be able to hear your voice and then respond back to the group.

How to Create a Push to Talk group  

Before you can start using the PTT service you will need set up a new group.

  • Select the ‘Push to Talk’ menu on the mobile phone.
  • Select ‘Add Group’.
  • Select ‘Guided’.
  • Select ‘Secure Group’ (this means that only you can invite new group members).
  • Then give your group a name and select the status that you would like the group to have (Default, Listened, Inactive). Default status means the standard group that will be selected each time you push the PTT button.
  • You will need to invite the people you want in the group to join.
  • Select ‘Yes’ to send an invitation to people to join the group.
  • Select ‘Via Text Message’ and either enter the mobile number of the person you would like to invite or select the person from your contacts list and then select ‘Ok’.
  • The message will then be sent to your contact and once they accept the message, they will be included as a member of the group.

Costs of Using this Service 

  • PTT is charged at a daily rate of 95 cents.
  • Please note that you are only charged for PTT if you use it to broadcast. For example if you only listen in on PTT on any given day, you will not be charged the 95 cents for that day.
  • When registering for PTT using SMS, you will only be charged your normal SMS rate to send the request. You will not be charged when receiving the 2 SMS with PIN number and PTT settings.
  • This service is subject to our Soul Fair Go Policy and will be charged in 30 second increments at your peak mobile rate once excessive use has been identified.
  • Excess use is considered to be more than 150 broadcast minutes per month per service.
Viewing the Push to Talk service charges on your bill  

Your PTT charges will appear on your bill as a normal voice call with the number dialled specified as ‘Push to Talk’.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Push to Talk service. For assistance, please use the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website, or call our Customer Care number.

What happens when I receive a regular voice call while using Push to Talk?

  • While you are using your Push to Talk service, you will not be interrupted if another person tries to call you. If you use Voicemail, incoming calls will be diverted to your Voicemail box. You will not notice a change during your Push to Talk call.
  • If you do not use Voicemail, the call will ring out. Check your Call Register for any missed calls.

If the mobile keypad is locked can PTT be used?

  • No, once the keypad feature locks the phone all the functions on the mobile phone are disabled.

If I wish to contact someone who is not in my contact list, how many digits of the mobile telephone number do I enter to make a successful Push to Talk broadcast?

  • You must enter in the entire 10 digit mobile number.

Do I need to have a special Push to Talk phone number?

  • No, you will only need one mobile telephone number. That one mobile number will work for your voice calls and your Push to Talk service.

What is an Alert Call?

  • An Alert Call is a tactful method by which a person can alert another Push to Talk recipient without immediately speaking. The recipient's phone plays an audible tone and displays a message indicating someone wants to broadcast to them.

How do you respond to an Alert Call?

  • You may reply to the originator of the Alert simply by pressing the Push to Talk button and speaking, or by pressing the Answer soft key and the Push to Talk button.

What is Floor Control?

  • Floor Control is the ability to gain access to speak while active in a Push to Talk session.

What is the operating area for Push to Talk?

  • Push to Talk works in Optus coverage areas.

Current as at 08/08/2007