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    Introducing Mobile Phone Quick Codes 

    Mobile Phone Quick Codes allow you to access mobile network services and functions on your mobile phone by entering set codes onto your keypad.

    Using this Service 

    Mobile phone quick codes provide a simple way to activate, deactivate and access certain mobile network services and access information from functions on your mobile phone. Simply enter the codes as you would a mobile phone number and then press the "OK", "Send" or "Yes" key. Most codes, such as activating a diversion will show a confirmation message once accepted by the Network.

    Code Tips  

    This is dependent on the type of phone that you are using. For Nokia phones, simply press the * key twice. For most other phones, simply push and hold the "0" key
    This key is usually located beneath the "7" key.
    This key is usually located beneath the "9" key.
    This can be a mobile or landline number. Remember diversions to a landline must include the country code +61 and the area code without the "0" (zero) for example: **21*+61894631544#.
    This is the key that is used to dial a number and to accept a call, setting or option.

    Call Wait Codes  

    Check Status of Call Wait
    *#43# send
    Activate Call Wait
    *43# send
    Deactivate Call Wait
    #43# send

    Caller ID Codes  

    Show status of caller ID send
    Show status of caller ID receive
    Hide your phone number for one call only
    1831(number) send
    Show your phone number for one call only
    1832(number) send

    Message Codes  

    Voicemail number
    Voicemail number if calling from overseas
    SMS Centre number

    Mobile Phone Codes  

    Retrieve IMEI (mobile phone code)
    *#06# send
    Retrieve phone software version

    Call Forwarding (Diversion) Codes  

    Unconditional Diversions (Divert Always)

    Check Status
    *#21# send
    **21*(number)# send
    ##21# send

    Conditional Diversions

    There are 3 conditional diversions being Divert when Busy, Divert when Not Reachable and Divert where No Reply. These may be activated and deactivated individually or all together.

    All Conditional diversions (Busy, Not Reachable, No Reply)

    **004*(number)# send
    Activate for Voicemail
    **004*321# send
    Activate for SurePage
    **004*456# send
    ##004# send

    Divert When Busy

    Check Status
    *#67# send
    **67*(number)# send
    ##67# send

    Divert When Not Reachable (Switched off / No Service)

    Check Status
    *#62# send
    **62*(number)# send
    ##62# send

    Divert Where No Reply

    Check Status
    *#61# send
    **61*(number)# send
    ##61# send

    Extend Ring Time (No Reply)

    (maximum ring time of 30 seconds, in 5 increments)
    **61*321**(seconds to ring e.g. 15 or 30)# send

    All Diversions (Conditional and Unconditional)

    **002*(number)# send
    ##002# send

    Costs of Using this Service 

    There is no charge for using quick codes. Remember though if you activate a network service charges may apply when that service is used.

    Frequently Asked Questions about this Service 

    As there are so many different types of mobile phones on the market it is not possible for us to provide a guide that includes all known codes. Your first point of reference should always be your mobile phone user manual. For assistance please use the "Contact Us" section of our website or call our Customer Care number.

    I've tried to divert my calls to my Voicemail box, but it isn't working. What can I do?

    • Did you enter the diversion code correctly? Check the code and if necessary, re-enter.
    • Have you entered your Voicemail box number correctly? Check and repeat process.
    • You may have conflicting diversions set. Cancel all diverts and reinstate them.

    How do I know the phone accepted the code?

    • Your mobile phone should display a confirmation message on the screen depending on which type of phone you have.
    • Examples:
      • "Divert added"
      • "Divert cancelled"
      • "Active voice calls"
      • "Inactive voice calls"

    What do I do if I’ve entered a code incorrectly?

    • You can enter the code in again or start again.

    Current as at 08/08/2007