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Introducing Missed Call Service 

Missed Call Service sends an SMS notification to your mobile phone when you are not able to answer a call. The SMS notification includes the phone number, time and date information of the caller. Callers with blocked Caller ID are able to leave details manually by following the voice prompts.

Features and Benefits 

If you don’t use Voicemail, the Missed Call Service (MCS) captures the Caller ID of incoming calls when you are un-contactable. It then sends an SMS message to your mobile phone that includes the captured Caller ID, date and time of the missed call.

  • Never miss an important call when no diversions are set on your mobile phone.
  • Receive notifications of missed calls to your mobile phone as SMS messages making it quick and easy for you to return a call or send an SMS message.

Activating this Service 

MCS is automatically activated, free of charge, when you connect your mobile service.

Using this Service 

Receive an SMS with missed call details. You can then return calls immediately, or wait for a more convenient time.

Please note: The Missed Call Service will not work if you have Voicemail activated on your mobile service.

Your first MCS message: The welcome message  

When you receive your first SMS via MCS the following welcome message will appear:

“Welcome to Missed Call Service. Callers can use this service to send you an SMS of the missed call. Receiving the SMS is free to you. For more info call 159.”

Subsequent messages  

After the welcome message you will receive the standard MCS SMS when you miss a call/s, for example:

“12 missed calls since 06/02/05. 0293426000 (3) 13:45, 06/02/05. 02934261111 (2) 12:45, 06/02/05. 0412000111 (4), 11:00, 06/02/05. 0412000222 (3) 10:45, 06/02/05”

The SMS message is displayed as; the caller’s number, the number of time this caller has called, the last time they called and the date (for example: 0293426000 (3), 13:45, 06/02/05).

If numerous missed calls are captured you may receive more than one SMS regarding missed calls.

Turning the Missed Call Service on and off via SMS  

  • SMS “ON” or “OFF”.
  • Send to 159.
  • Receive SMS message:
    • “Free Msg. To turn Missed Call Service on or off, send ON or OFF to 159. You will not be charged to change your Missed Call Service Settings.”
    • “Free Msg. Thank you. Your Missed Call Service, request has been received and will be processed.”
    • “Free Msg. Thank you. There was a technical, problem processing your Missed Call Service request. Your request was not received. Please try again.”
    • “Free Msg. Missed Call Service is not available to you yet. You will receive the Missed Call Service in the near future and get a welcome SMS once activated.”

To turn MCS on via your mobile phone  

  • Press 159.
  • Listen to welcome announcement:
  • Listen to instruction.
  • Press 1.
  • Listen to confirmation that service will be switched on the next working day.
  • Hang up.

To turn MCS off via your mobile phone  

  • Press 159.
  • Listen to welcome announcement.
  • Listen to instruction.
  • Press 2.
  • Listen to confirmation that service will be switched off the next working day.
  • Hang up.

Calling MCS from a phone other than your Soul mobile phone  

The Missed Call Service can only be turned on or off using your mobile phone.

If attempting to contact the service from another phone you will hear the following message:

“Thank you for calling Missed Call Service. If you would like to activate or deactivate your Missed Call Service, please hang up now and dial 159 at no charge from your mobile phone.”

It will also give you the option of finding out more information about the service by pressing the # button.

Turning the Missed Call Service on or off via Optus Zoo  

If you are a registered Optus Zoo customer you may also turn the MCS on or off from the Optus Zoo website.

  • Select ‘My Account’.
  • Select ‘My Missed Call Service’ to turn the service off or on.

Costs of Using this Service 

Your Missed Call Service is automatically activated, free of charge, when you activate your mobile service. There is no monthly charge and there is no charge to switch the service on or off.

Charges will apply when you have been diverted to another person’s MCS. Please check your call plan details as charges may vary between call plans.

Viewing Missed Call Service charges on your Soul bill  

Missed Call service SMS received on your mobile phone will appear on your bill as a free SMS to either 0411000160 or 61411000160.

Charges will appear on your bill when you have been diverted to another persons MCS and these will be shown as a call connecting to the called mobile service.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Missed Call service. For assistance, please use the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website, or call our Customer Care number.

How can I check if the service is active or not?

  • You can check MCS is active by contacting the mobile service when it is switched off to see if it diverts to MCS.
  • Please note that from September 2004 there is a plan to include a ‘Status’ option in the MCS prompts menu. Using this option you can choose to press option 3 to hear the current MCS status, for example: your MCS status is on /off.

Why am I not receiving SMS from the Missed Call Service?

  • Any existing diversions or SMS restrictions will affect this service.
    • To check the diversion on your phone simply check your mobile phone user manual for instructions.
    • For SMS restrictions contact our Customer Care number.

Why isn’t my Missed Call Service working?

  • MCS may not work immediately as the service may take up to 72 hours to activate.

How long does the Missed Call Service store my SMS?

  • The MCS will only store captured missed calls for a period of 7 days. After this time the missed calls are discarded by the network.

Why am I no longer receiving SMS on my mobile phone?

  • Mobile phones have a limited capacity for storing SMS text messages and are unable to receive more messages when full. If full, a flashing envelope on your mobile phone display indicates that your SMS inbox is full. Delete some or all saved SMS messages.

Current as at 08/08/2007