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Introducing International Dialling and Information Services
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Introducing International Dialling and Information Services 

International Dialling and Information Services allow you to call overseas and premium service (190) numbers from your mobile phone.

Features and Benefits 

  • Make international calls direct from your mobile phone!
  • Take advantage of Souls' great International call rates.
  • Call your overseas friends and relatives while you are at the park, doing the shopping, exercising, anytime!
  • Forget confusing offers and prefix numbers. You no longer have to use your home phone to get competitive rates!
  • Call any time of the day or night for the same low rate.
  • Access premium Information Services such as horoscopes, airline flight information or advertised products from your mobile phone.
  • Call Information Services to gather information or join competitions whilst on the move.

Activating this Service 

This service is available on prepaid and is activated by default.

For Soul post-paid customers, the International Dialling and Information Services are automatically activated after the first successful payment from your nominated direct debit facility.

If you have purchased your post-paid mobile service from an authorised dealer and have not yet made a payment from your nominated direct debit facility, we will require an advance payment of $100 before activating this service for you.

Testing the service  

To check that this service is active, dial the FREE call number +899 212 34567. The recorded message will advise you whether your service is active or not. If the service is not active please use the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website or call our Customer Care number for assistance.

Using this Service 

International Dialling  

Follow the following instructions to make a call:

  • To call a fixed line: + [Country Code] [Area Code] [Phone Number] then chat away!
    • For example: to call the Australian Embassy in Washington DC, you would call + 1 202 797 3000.
  • To call a mobile phone: + [Country Code] [Mobile Phone Number dropping the prefix "0"] then chat!
    • For Example: to call the mobile phone of a friend living in London, I would call +44 418 XXX XXX XXX.

Cancelling International Dialling and Information Services  

If you would like to restrict international calls and Information Services from your mobile phone please use the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website or call our Customer Care number for assistance.

  • Once we have replaced the bar on your mobile service no calls can be made from your mobile phone to international destinations or to Information Services.

Costs of Using this Service 

International Dialling  

With Soul's great international call rates you can use your mobile phone to call almost anywhere in the world without being charged a fortune.

  • A low call rates to over 230 countries and apply 24 hours a day, every day of the year!
  • There is no subscription fee for this service, just pay as you use.
  • A call connect fee per call applies.
  • Calls are charged per 30 seconds or part thereof.
  • International calls are included in any applicable included call allowance.
  • There is no charge to receive international calls on your mobile phone within Australia.

Information Services  

Information Services are charged at higher rates to mobile phones than to fixed line phones.

  • Calls made to 1800/190/0055/ prefixed numbers are charged according to rates specified by the holder of the number, plus a surcharge of 22 cents per 30 seconds or part thereof.

Advance Payments  

If you have paid an advance payment this will be credited towards your next and subsequent invoices until the advance payment has been used in full.

Viewing International Dialling and Information Services charges on your bill  

All calls made to international destinations and Information Services are listed within your itemised calls and may be identified by the prefix “+”, 011 or the number dialled under the Number Dialled column.

Premium Services  

Always check the cost of a Premium Service before making a call to, or accessing a service. Costs of using Premium Services vary depending on the particular service and may include subscription fees, content charges, call connection or set up fees charged by the carriage service provider or content provider.

You are responsible for all costs incurred calling Premium Services. You should not rely on us to contact you or to suspend your service in the event of excessive or unusual use.

If you do not want access to Premium Services, including the ability to dial overseas, please call us and request the Premium Service restriction is added to your service.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions about International Dialling and Information Services. For assistance, please use the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website, or call our Customer Care number.

Why can’t I dial outside Australia?

  • Ensure you use the correct international dialling prefix 0011 or 0018, or the international dialling prefix “+”, the country code, the area code (drop the “0” out of the area code) and then the phone number.
  • If you’re calling an overseas mobile phone, remember to drop the initial “0” from the mobile phone number.
  • Check the phone number you are attempting to call.
  • At some busy times of the year, for example Christmas, the network may become congested. Try again later.

If I make an overseas call on the last day of my billing period, will it show on my next bill?

  • Because international calls can take several days to be invoiced to your account, these calls may not be included on the bill of the month they were made. These calls will be itemised on your next bill and will be included in any applicable included call allowance for that month.

Am I charged for a call via an overseas operator, even if the party I wanted did not answer?

  • As soon as the Optus network connects to an overseas network, including an overseas operator, charges apply from that time until the call is terminated.

Why do some ringing tones sound different?

  • Different countries and telephone providers use different ringing tones. For example, a call to a fixed line phone in Malaysia may sound like an Australian engaged signal, but this is their normal ringing tone.

Why can’t I get through to an overseas Freecall information service?

  • Most Freecall information services are accessible to callers from that country only and are not available to overseas callers. If you are responding to an advertisement, look for an international phone number or a website or email address with which to contact them.

Why do I hear a message telling me this service is not available from my mobile phone when I dial a 190 number?

  • This means you do not have access to the service. Please contact us to activate the service for you.

Current as at 01/04/2008