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Introducing Diversion 

Diversion allows you to redirect calls made to your mobile phone number to most other phone numbers, including Voicemail or paging services.

Features and Benefits 

You don’t have to miss calls, divert your mobile phone to your Voicemail, SurePage service or even a fixed line phone!

  • Divert incoming calls to any telephone in the world.
  • Send callers automatically to your answering service.
  • Pay for each diversion individually without any subscription fee.
  • Using Diversion is easy and convenient.

Activating this Service 

Your Diversion service is automatically activated, free of charge, when you activate your mobile service.

  • Your mobile phone is automatically set to divert callers to Voicemail when your mobile phone is busy, not answered, when you are out of coverage or your mobile phone is switched off.
  • It is ready for use as soon as your mobile service is active.

Using this Service 

This is a general guide to using Diversions. For individual mobile phone menu instructions, please refer to your mobile phone user manual.

Diversion Codes  

The following diversion codes are standard, and can be used on any mobile phone.

  • Code - 21. All calls. (Unconditional) Every incoming call is diverted.
  • Code - 67. On busy. (Conditional) Calls are diverted when the mobile phone is already in use.
  • Code - 61. No reply. (Conditional) Calls are diverted when the mobile phone 'rings out' or is not answered.
  • Code - 62. Not reachable. (Conditional) Calls are diverted when the mobile phone is switched off or is not in a coverage area.

Using Diversion Codes  

When dialling Diversion into your mobile phone, replace XX with the appropriate code from above.

  • To activate a diversion dial: **XX* [area code] [phone number to divert to] # SEND.
  • To de-activate a diversion dial: # # XX # SEND.
  • To check or verify a diversion dial: * # XX # SEND.
  • To cancel all diversions dial: # # 002 # SEND.
  • To activate all diversions (except unconditional diversions) dial: * * 004 * [number] # SEND.
    • For example: To divert all your calls to the number 0400000000, you would dial: [*(star) *(star) 21 *(star) 61400000000 #(hash) SEND]. (The mobile phone number used is an example only)

Diversions and International Roaming  

The above diversion codes can be used on your mobile phone anywhere in the world.

Extending the ring time before a call is diverted.  

When activated, your mobile phone is set to ring for 15 seconds before being diverted to your Voicemail or SurePage service. If this is too short or too long, you can change the time in intervals of 5 seconds, anywhere from 5 - 30 seconds.

  • Dial **61*321**XX# SEND. Simply replace the XX with a multiple of 5. For example: **61*321**30# SEND will make the mobile phone ring for 30 seconds before it diverts the call to Voicemail.
  • If you are diverting your calls to any other phone number, this code can be used substituting 321 with the number to which you are diverting.

Costs of Using this Service 

Diversion charges vary according to your plan. For current charges, please use the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website or call our Customer Care number.

Diversion Costs to Voicemail when International Roaming  

  • If you are International Roaming and a call is conditionally diverted from your mobile phone to Voicemail (Busy, No Reply and Not Reachable), you will be charged for the incoming call at the Optus 'yes' InternationalTM rate and also charged for the diversion back to your Voicemail box in Australia at the overseas carrier's international rate + surcharge.
  • We recommend an unconditional diversion (all calls) be set on your mobile phone diverting to your Voicemail service. This means that your mobile phone will not ring and you will not be charged for incoming calls from Australia to your destination or for diversion costs from your destination to your Voicemail box in Australia if you are unable to take a call.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Diversion service. For assistance, please use the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website, or call our Customer Care number.

Why do callers hear the following: (2 long beeps) then… “We regret that the number you have dialled is disconnected or unavailable; for further information please call international directory assistance on 1225.”?

  • Your mobile service is being diverted to an invalid overseas number. Check the number or remove the diversion.

Why, when people call my number, do they hear the following message “The number you have dialled is disconnected”?

  • You have diverted your mobile phone to a disconnected number. Check and change the number to which you are diverting.

Can I divert my SMS messages to another phone number?

  • No, SMS messages are not capable of being diverted.

Can I divert all my calls to Voicemail or another phone number?

  • Yes you can. This is called an unconditional diversion. Please see the section ‘Using this Service’.

Current as at 13/08/2007