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Introducing Caller ID 

Caller ID displays the caller’s number of the incoming call on your mobile phone. Your number will also be displayed when you are calling other compatible phones.

Features and Benefits 

  • Screen your calls before answering.
  • Always know who is calling.
  • Know that your number is displayed to phones you are calling.

Activating this Service 

Caller ID is automatically activated, free of charge, when you connect your mobile service.

Using this Service 

If you have Caller ID active (and so does the caller), you can identify the phone number of an incoming call, by simply looking at your mobile phone’s screen when you receive a call!

Setting up your Caller ID  

Caller ID is automatically set up on all compatible mobile phones. Depending on your mobile phone model, you may be able to view the caller’s name or even their photograph when receiving an incoming call.

  • Simply save callers’ names and numbers in your mobile phone. When one of these callers calls your mobile number, your phone will display the corresponding name.

Overriding Caller ID  

It is possible to override or hide your Caller ID on a call by call basis to prevent your mobile number and name appearing on other people’s phones.

  • Many mobile phones have the ability to switch Caller ID off or on, refer to your mobile phone manual for instructions.
  • To prevent your details from being displayed on a call by call basis, add the prefix #31# to the number you are calling.
  • Alternatively, to hide your Caller ID via the network on a call by call basis, add the prefix 1831 to the number you are calling.

Costs of Using this Service 

The Caller ID service is provided free to all mobile customers.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Caller ID service. For assistance, please use the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website, or call our Customer Care number.

Why do some callers’ numbers not show on my mobile phone?

  • Caller ID may not be active on the caller’s phone.
  • The number may have been blocked or hidden by the caller.
  • The caller may be calling from a private number.
  • Caller ID may not operate for customers who are roaming internationally or calling from international destinations, as this function is dependent on the international service provider.

Why does my mobile phone number not appear on my friend’s phone when I call?

  • The phone or network you are calling may not support Caller ID. Some older mobile phones and some fixed line phones do not support this service.
  • Ensure you have not blocked or hidden your mobile number from your mobile phone.
  • Caller ID may not operate when calling internationally, as this service is also dependent on the network receiving the call.

Why does a name and number that I have added to my mobile phonebook not display when that person calls?

  • Caller ID will only show the incoming phone number if the caller has activated Caller ID on their telephone. Please check they have this facility, and that it is activated.
  • Ensure the person is calling from the same number you have in your phonebook.
  • You may have entered this person’s details into your phonebook more than once. Some mobile phones are unable to decide which entry to display if the details are duplicated in their memory

How do I know if my Caller ID will be displayed when I call internationally?

  • Optus is constantly striving to increase the number of overseas networks that support Caller ID, and therefore, we are unable to provide an accurate list of countries that support the service. We are also unable to guarantee the availability of Caller ID every time a call is made to an overseas destination.

Current as at 13/08/2007