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Introducing Call Hold / Call Wait 

Call Hold / Call Wait allows you to switch between calls, place calls on hand make or receive additional calls while you have a call on hold on your mobile phone service.

Features and Benefits 

Call Hold / Call Wait allows you to use your mobile phone like you would a switchboard!

  • Put a caller on hold if someone needs your attention while you're on a call.
  • Place a caller on hold so they cannot hear you while you talk with a colleague or friend.
  • Make or receive other calls by putting your current caller on hold.
  • Switch between callers.

Activating this Service 

Call Hold / Call Wait is automatically activated, free of charge, when you activate your mobile service.

Using this Service 

This is a general guide to using Call Hold / Call Wait. For specific instructions please consult your mobile phone user manual.

Second Incoming Call  

When you are on a call you will hear a soft intermittent alert tone of the second call trying to get through.

  • To end the first call and accept the second, press the answer key.
  • To put the first call on hold and answer the second, go to your 'Options' menu and select 'Swap'. Both calls will remain active until terminated.

Switching between calls  

  • To switch between calls, go to the 'Options' menu and select 'Swap'. Both calls will remain active until terminated.

Ending Calls  

  • To end each call, simply press your call 'end' key to end the active call. For example: you have 2 active calls on your mobile phone, speaking to call one with call two on hold. Press the end call key, and call one has ended and you are now speaking to call two. Press the end key again and call two has ended.

Costs of Using this Service 

Call Hold / Call Wait services are free for all customers.

  • When making an outgoing call while an existing outgoing call is on hold you will be charged for both calls simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Call Hold / Call Wait service. For assistance, please use the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website, or call our Customer Care number.

How long do I have to answer a second call?

  • The default time to answer calls waiting is 20 seconds. If the call is not answered in this time the call will be diverted to your Voicemail or Paging service if used, or will show on your display as an unanswered call.

Can I extend the call alert tone?

  • If you use Voicemail you can extend or shorten the call alert tone in intervals of 5 seconds, anywhere from 5 – 30 seconds. Dial **61*321**XX#SEND. Simply replace XX with a multiple of 5. For example: **61*321**30#SEND will make the call alert tone last for 30 seconds before it diverts to Voicemail.

What is the etiquette for keeping a caller on hold?

  • This depends on how well you know the person you have put on hold. Generally, only put someone on hold until you can end the other call, around 15 to 20 seconds.

Why would my Call Hold / Call Wait stop working?

  • You may have accidentally removed the function from your mobile phone. Check the status of the Call Hold / Call Wait function by looking in the ‘Settings’ menu under ‘Call Hold/Wait Status’. Please refer to your mobile phone user manual for specific instructions.

Do I have to have Call Hold and Call Wait on my mobile service?

  • No, you can request to have these functions removed from your mobile service if you wish or you can remove the function on your mobile phone. Please refer to your mobile phone user manual for specific instructions.

Can I have only Call Hold or Call Wait or vice versa?

  • No, both services must be active for the function to work.

Will Call Hold / Call Wait work when I am roaming?

  • Because these functions are network dependent, this will depend on the overseas network you are using at the time.

How many calls can I have on hold at once?

  • Although some mobile phones can handle up to 6 calls at once, the Optus network only supports 2 calls simultaneously.

Am I able to call conference on my mobile phone?

  • The Optus network does not support the feature of call conferencing.

Can I switch between calls multiple times during a call?

  • Yes, follow the instructions for ‘Switching Between Calls’ under the ‘Using This Service’ section of this factsheet.

Current as at 13/08/2007