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Introducing 124YES 

124YES is a directory assistance service that allows you to be connected directly to most Australian phone numbers.

Features and Benefits  

Optus 124YES is directory assistance that connects you straight through to the number you want to call within Australia.

  • Find any number by dialling 124YES!
  • No need to remember a range of phone numbers - just the one. Dialling 124YES provides true convenience.
  • Have the name and number of the party you wish to call sent to your mobile phone by SMS. So if the number is busy or is not answered, you can re-dial it or store it in your phone's address book.

Activating this Service 

124YES is automatically activated, free of charge, when you connect your mobile service.

Using this Service 

Simply dial 124YES (124-927 or 124-937 depending on your mobile phone’s keypad) and you will be connected to an Optus Operator. Tell the operator which area you require and the name you want to be connected to. The operator will search, confirm and then put you through to your party.

If you are not able to be connected to the number, ask the operator send the number to your mobile phone via SMS.

Costs of Using this Service 

  • 124YES costs only $1.10 (GST inc) plus your local call rate for the duration of the call. Please see your call plan details for your local call rate as rates may vary between call plans.
  • Charges begin from the time the Optus Operator picks up your call, until the time you hang up.
  • 124YES charges are included in your included call allowance where applicable.
  • Peak and off-peak rates may apply. Please see your call plan for details.

Viewing 124YES charges on your Bill  

All 124YES calls made from your mobile will be shown on your bill.

  • 124YES calls are listed within your itemised calls and are clearly identified as 124YES under the Duration column.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions about the 124YES service. For assistance, please use the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website, or call our Customer Care number.

Why don’t I receive the SMS stating the number I requested?

  • Ensure your SMS is working. Go into your mobile phone menu and check the message centre numbers. The SMS C0 number should be: + 61411990000 and the SMS C1 number: + 61411990001.
  • If this number is correct, there may be congestion in the area so that the network is unable to deliver an SMS. Try again later.
  • Mobile phones have a limited capacity for storing SMS messages and are unable to receive more messages when full. If full, a flashing envelope on your mobile phone screen indicates that your SMS inbox is full. Delete some or all saved SMS messages.

Am I charged extra for the SMS?

  • No, the SMS is included in the overall cost of the 124YES call.

Am I charged for the 124YES call if the number I requested doesn’t answer?

  • Yes, you will be charged for the duration of the call from the time the Optus operator picked up your call, until the time you hang up, even if the call isn’t answered at the final destination.

Current as at 13/08/2007