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Introducing Hardware Payment Plan
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Introducing Hardware Payment Plan 

An agreement that allows you to purchase equipment and pay for it in monthly instalments over an agreed term.

Features and Benefits 

  • Rather than pay upfront for your new mobile phone, take out a Hardware Payment Plan.
  • Purchase new equipment through easy monthly instalments.
  • Choose the model of hardware you want from our extensive range.
  • Flexibility to pay the item off with a lump sum if you want to.

Activating this Service 

This service is not available on pre-paid.

Please speak to one of our friendly Direct Sales Consultants to discuss your options, by calling us on our Customer Care number.

Special terms and conditions 

The following is a list of important terms and conditions:

  • Hardware Payment Plans are subject to credit approval.
  • Hardware Payment Plans are only available with a postpaid call plan extension.
  • Your Hardware Payment term must be equal to or less than your call plan extension term. The minimum Hardware Payment term is 12 months.
  • If you cancel your Hardware Payment Plan before the minimum term expires, the remaining hardware payments will be charged immediately.
  • You can upgrade your mobile service during your plan term by paying out the remaining hardware payments with your next bill.

Costs of Using this Service 

Your hardware payments are included on your monthly bill. Instalment amounts depend on the equipment and plan chosen.

Viewing handset payments on your bill  

Hardware payments are included on your monthly bill and are itemised under the section “Breakdown of service charges this month” usually on the second page of your bill.

Each mobile phone is assigned to a mobile service number and is shown by the prefix “HPP” (Hardware Payment Plan) and then the first 7 digits of the service number to which it is assigned. For example, if your mobile number is 0403 000 099, the code for your Hardware Payment Plan will be: HPP04030099.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions about our Hardware Payment Plan service. For assistance please use the ’Contact Us’ section of our website or call our Customer Care number.

Can I pay an upfront amount to reduce my hardware payments?

  • Yes, the more you pay upfront, the less you pay per month thereafter.

Can I make ad hoc payments on my Hardware Payment Plan to reduce the plan term?

  • You can either make the agreed hardware payments, or pay the balance owed in a lump sum.

Can I insure my mobile phone while paying it off?

  • Yes, you can choose to insure your mobile phone against loss, theft or accidental damage. Ask one of our Direct Sales consultants for more details.

Can I buy any mobile phone I like on this plan?

  • Yes, you can buy any model mobile phone we offer. In fact, this is a wonderful way of getting the mobile phone you always wanted, without increasing your minimum call plan commitment.

Can I cancel my Hardware Payment Plan before the equipment is paid for?

  • Yes you can choose to payout your Hardware Payment Plan in one lump sum at any time and keep your call plan extension active.
  • You may also disconnect both your Hardware Payment Plan and call plan extension. All remaining hardware payments will be charged immediately and our standard plan cancellation fee will also apply for the early disconnection of your call plan.
  • You may also upgrade your mobile service and pay out you hardware payments as a lump sum on your next bill.

Can I transfer my plan to someone else during my Hardware Payment Plan?

  • Yes, if you transfer your mobile service to another customer the Hardware Payment Plan will also be transferred.

Can I keep my existing call promotions if I take up a Hardware Payment Plan?

  • Yes, you can keep all the benefits of your existing plan, or choose from one of our Loyalty or current plans when taking up a Hardware Payment Plan.

Are HPP handset payments the same as the handset payments for Cap call plans?

  • No, these are two separate payments entirely.

Can a customer have both an HPP and a Cap handset payment on the same service?

  • Yes, one service can have both HPP handset payments and Cap handset payments (but only if the service is on a capped call plan).
  • Generally a service will only have a Cap handset payment or an HPP, as both are intended to cover the cost of the mobile phone. However, in some circumstances, for example where a customer has lost their handset and does not have insurance, a customer may have to pay out their existing Cap handset payments per their contract and may also be offered an HPP to cover the cost of a replacement mobile phone.

Is this service available on pre-paid services?

  • No, this service is not available on pre-paid services.

Current as at 22/08/2007