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Introducing Remote Access
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Introducing Remote Access 

Remote Access allows you to control and modify home phone services from a remote location.

Features and Benefits 

Remote Access allows you to control specific home phone services from a location other than your home. Call Forward, Call Waiting, Call Control, Delayed Hotline and Smart Ring are all home phone services that can be modified away from home, using Remote Access.

  • Manage your calls away from home!
  • Access your home phone services from any phone in Australia.

Activating this Service 

To activate the Remote Access service, please visit the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website or call our Customer Care number. Activation of Remote Access can take up to 48 hours.

Using this Service 

Once activated, the Remote Access service is easy to use. All you need is your remote access number, your PIN and the command sequence for the service you want to control.

Remote Access Number  

  • A 10 digit number, similar to your phone number, is supplied when your service is activated.

Person Identification Number (PIN)  

  • Remote Access requires a PIN to alter certain home phone services.
  • A default PIN will be issued to you when Remote Access is connected.
  • It is recommended you change your PIN as soon as possible.
  • Your PIN can be changed as often as you like but only from your home phone.
  • If you have an existing PIN for another home phone service, the same PIN can be used.

Changing your PIN  

  • Wait for dial tone.
  • Press * 30.
  • Press the default PIN.
  • Press *, enter new PIN.
  • Press *, re enter new PIN, #.
  • Listen to announcement confirming PIN has successfully changed.
  • Hang up.

Command Sequence  

  • A command sequence is the series of numbers you dial to modify a service.
  • If you want to turn your call forward service on, use the command sequence shown on our Call Forward Standard factsheet.
  • Note: When entering a phone number the area code must be included.

Using Remote Access  

  • Wait for dial tone.
  • Press the remote access number.
  • Listen to the announcement for instructions.
  • Enter your home phone number.
  • Press * your PIN *.
  • Listen to the announcement.
  • Enter the command sequence.
  • Listen to the announcement confirming status of service.
  • Hang up.

Costs of Using this Service 

This service has a monthly charge. For current charges, please use the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website or call our Customer Care number. Calls made to the Remote Access Number are charged at the applicable call rates (whether local, mobile or national). Please refer to your call plan details as charges may vary.

Viewing Remote Access service charges on your Bill  

Your Remote Access service monthly charge is shown as a service charge, along with your line rental for your home phone service.

Troubleshooting this Service 

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Remote Access service. For further assistance, please use the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website, or call our Customer Care number.

Troubleshooting Tips  

Why can’t I change my PIN by Remote Access?

  • Your PIN cannot be changed using the Remote Access Service. All PIN changes must be done on the home/business phone to which Remote Access is connected.

What can I do if I cannot remember my PIN?

  • If you have forgotten or lost your PIN, please use the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website or call our Customer Care number.

Can I use Remote Access while I am overseas?

  • No, Remote Access is not available outside Australia.

How many changes can I make on my home phone with each Remote Access call?

  • The Remote Access service only allows one modification to your service per call.

Current as at 13/03/2008