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Introducing Soul Home Messages 

Soul Home Messages allows you to set up a personalised answering service that enables callers to leave a message when you don’t answer their call.

Features and Benefits  

Soul Home Messages allows callers to leave a message if a call is not answered.

  • Don’t worry about missing calls when you’re not at home, on the Internet, busy, or if your phone rings out.
  • Create your own personal greeting.
  • Your personal greeting can be up to 5 minutes long.
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN) security access.
  • Listen to your messages from almost any phone in Australia.
  • A special (stuttered) dial tone alerts you of any messages when you pick up your home phone receiver.
  • New messages are stored for 14 days.
  • Up to 60 messages can be saved for up to 7 days.
  • Multiple callers can leave messages simultaneously.
  • Messages left by callers can be up to 5 minutes long.
  • No need for answering machines.
  • Convenient Soul Home Messages Call Back option.

Activating this Service 

To activate the Soul Home Messages service, please visit our website, or contact us on our Customer Care number. The service may take up to 48 hours to activate.

Using this Service 

Soul Home Messages is an optional enhanced service that can be added to your existing home phone service. The Soul Home Messages service is user friendly and once activated you only need your PIN.

Personal Identification Number (PIN)  

  • Soul Home Messages requires a PIN to retrieve messages.
  • A default PIN will be issued to you when Soul Home Messages is connected.
  • We recommend you change your PIN as soon as possible.
  • Your PIN can be changed as often as you like.
  • Your PIN can only be changed from your home phone.
  • If you have an existing PIN for another home phone service, the same PIN can be used.

Setting up Soul Home Messages  

To personalise your greeting, dial 125 101 from your home phone and follow the voice prompted tutorial:

  • Set a PIN consisting of 4 to 6 digits to protect the privacy of your messages.
  • Record a name announcement that Soul Home Messages will use to identify your mailbox to other callers.
  • Record your own personal greeting for callers to identify your Soul Home Messages. This greeting can be up to 5 minutes long.

Changing your PIN  

  • Wait for dial tone
  • Press * 30
  • Enter the default PIN
  • Press * enter new PIN
  • Press * re enter new PIN #
  • Listen to the announcement confirming PIN has successfully changed
  • Hang up.

Changing your Soul Home Messages personal greeting  

You can re-record your personal greeting at any time through the Set Up options menu.

  • Press 3 for Mailbox Set Up.
  • Press 1 for personal greeting change.
  • Follow the prompts to record your greeting.

Depositing messages on Soul Home Messages  

When you are unable to take a call, your Soul Home Messages service will take it for you. Callers will hear your personal greeting, prompting them to leave a message. This message is then saved to your Soul Home Messages mailbox.

Retrieving messages from your home phone  

When callers have left a message for you, the dial tone will sound different (stuttered) on your home phone. To retrieve your messages:

  • Dial 125 101 from your home phone, enter your PIN, then press #.
  • Soul Home Messages will inform you of any new (and saved) messages.
  • Each message in your mailbox will be played. After each message, the voice prompt will offer you the following options:
  • “To replay the message, press 1”
  • “To delete the message, press 5”
  • Messages not deleted will be automatically saved for up to 7 days.

Retrieving messages from another landline, mobile or overseas phone  

Retrieving your Soul Home Messages messages from another landline, mobile, or overseas phone is easy. You will need to provide your Soul Home Messages PIN.

  • If you are within Australia, dial 125 102 from any other home phone.
  • If you are dialling from a different service provider’s phone, or a mobile phone, dial 1800 135 102 (charges may apply).
  • If you are overseas, dial +61 418 707 102. You will only need to press the plus button (+) if you are dialling from a mobile phone (charges apply).
  • You will be prompted to enter your Mailbox Number (your home phone number including your area code), followed by the hash (#) key and then enter your PIN.
  • Follow the prompts to retrieve your messages.

Saving and deleting Soul Home Messages messages  

You can store up to 60 messages in your Soul Home Messages mailbox. After listening to a message, you are given the option of replaying or deleting the message.

  • Retrieved messages that have not been deleted will be automatically saved for up to 7 days.
  • Once messages have been read and saved for 7 days, they are automatically deleted.
  • If messages are not retrieved within 14 days of being deposited, they will be automatically deleted.

Find out who called you with Hang Up Messages  

If a caller hangs up after your personal greeting tone, you will be notified of their number (unless it is blocked or silent).

You will need to activate this feature from the Set Up menu. A maximum of 5 Hang Up Message numbers can be retrieved.

  • When listening to your options, press 9 for the main menu.
  • Press 3 for Mailbox Set-Up.
  • Press 5 for Mailbox Options.
  • Press 6 for Hang Up Messages.
  • Select option 2 to turn this feature on, or option 1 to turn it off.

Returning a call using Soul Home Messages Call Back  

After listening to each message, you are given the option to return the call (unless the number is blocked, silent or the call originated overseas). The call back option is only available from your home phone.

To return a call after hearing your messages, press:

  • 2 to listen to the announcement.
  • 2 to dial the number.

Soul Home Messages and diversions  

If you don’t want to have your Soul Home Messages service answer the call, you can divert calls from your home phone to another phone number.

Soul Home Messages Shortcuts  

At any time press:

  • 9 to return to the main menu.
  • * to cancel and go back one menu level.
  • 8 for help.

When listening to your messages press:

  • 1 to go back to the beginning of the message.
  • 2 to go back 8 seconds.
  • 3 to go forward 8 seconds.
  • 33 to go to the end of the message.
  • 6 to skip to the next message.
  • 7 to pause a message.
  • 7 to resume a paused message.

Disconnecting Soul Home Messages  

To have Soul Home Messages disconnected from your home phone service, please call our Customer Care number.

Costs of Using this Service 

This service has a monthly charge. For current charges, please use the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website or call our Customer Care number.

Retrieval of messages from your home phone is free. Charges may be applicable if you are retrieving messages from other service providers, mobile phones or overseas.

Normal call charges apply to calls made using the Soul Home Messages Call Back feature. Please refer to your call plan details as charges may vary.

Viewing Soul Home Messages service charges on your Bill  

Your Soul Home Messages monthly charge is shown under ‘Charges this bill’, along with your line rental for your home phone service.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Soul Home Messages service. For assistance, please use the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website, or call our Customer Care number.

Why can’t my friends leave a message on my Soul Home Messages?

  • Pick up your home phone and dial 125 101 to make sure that you have Soul Home Messages set up on your home phone.
  • Your Soul Home Messages mailbox could be full, in which case you will need to follow the voice prompts to delete messages. Remember you can only store up to 60 messages in your mailbox.
  • You could be diverting your calls to another number. Check the status of any diversions on your phone. For instructions on how to do this, please check our Call Forward factsheet.

Why does my phone have a strange ‘stutter’ when I pick up the receiver?

  • This is Soul Home Messages letting you know you have a message waiting. This does not stop you from being able to make calls. Dial 125 101 to listen to the message(s).

Can I extend the ring time before Soul Home Messages answers my calls?

  • Yes, just pick up the receiver, press *99, enter the ring time in seconds, and press #
    • Ring times are in 3 second increments. For example, five rings is 15 seconds.
    • The minimum ring time is 5 seconds, the maximum is 60 seconds (20 rings).

Is it possible to recover deleted Soul Home Messages messages?

  • No, once messages have been deleted, there is no way to recover them.

What is my default password?

  • Your password default is the last 4 digits of your home phone number. You will be prompted to change this when setting up your Soul Home Messages service.

What can I do if I cannot remember my PIN?

  • If you have forgotten or lost your PIN, please use the ‘Contact Us’ section on our website or call our Customer Care number.

If a call is diverted to my Soul Home Messages but the caller does not leave a message, will Call Return retrieve the number?

  • No, if the call was diverted to Soul Home Messages it is considered to be an answered call. Call Return will only retrieve the number for unanswered calls. An alternative is to set up the Soul Home Messages Hang Up Messages feature as described in the ‘Using this Service’ section above.

Can I have more than one Soul Home Messages service?

  • Yes, you can set up one Soul Home Messages service for each telephone line.

Will Soul Home Messages work with other home phone services?

  • No, Soul Home Messages is not available on the second number for Multiple Number or Soul Phone and Fax services.
  • Soul Home Messages will not work if Call Forward settings divert unanswered calls to another number.

Can Soul Home Messages interfere with my dial up Internet access?

  • It is recommended you clear any new messages before attempting to access the Internet as your modem may have difficulty connecting when the stuttered dial tone is present.

Current as at 13/03/2008