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Glossary of Terms



Also Known As:International Standard Emergency Access Number
Definition:The International Standard Emergency Access Number for the GSM Networks of Australia.

Definition:Optus mobile phone directory assistance that connects the customer directly to the desired number called within Australia.

Definition:A number to call our Customer Care team available from our customers' mobile services.

Also Known As:Australian Business Number
Definition:An identification number allocated to each business registered in Australia.

Also Known As:Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Definition:An independent statutory authority responsible for the administration of the Trade Practices Act and the Prices Surveillance Act.
account holder

Definition:The person who is legally responsible for an account held with us. The customer in whose name the account is issued.

Also Known As:Australian Communications and Media Authority; Australian Communications Authority; ACA
Definition:An authority responsible for regulating broadcasting, radiocommunications, telecommunications and online content. The ACMA promotes industry self-regulation, and has significant consumer protection responsibilities.

Also Known As:connection; activate; provisioning
Definition:The initial connection of a service to the network.

Also Known As:Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
Definition:A technology that provides high speed data access to the Internet via a fixed line telephone network.

Definition:ADSL2 is a next generation ADSL service, and has slightly longer reach than the original ADSL standard - between 200M and 750M extra and has marginally better speed than ADSL.

Definition:ADSL2+ is a totally different specification to ADSL2. It doubles the downstream bandwidth on short distances. People living within 1.5km of an exchange will get "up to" 24Mbit/s. However, outside a 1.5KM radius, most users will get at best 12Mbit/s, and speed declines rapidly the further away from an exchange the end user is.
advance payment

Also Known As:Advance Air time Credit; Advance Access Fee
Definition:Any payment made against a customer's account prior to the due date.
air limit

Also Known As:ALE; air limit exceed
Definition:A credit threshold set on the use of a new mobile service and applicable until we validated the direct debit facility with the first successful payment.
air time

Also Known As:airtime; Airtime; Air time
Definition:The time spent actively using a mobile service.
antivirus software

Definition:Computer programs that detect and remove computer viruses.
Assessment Policies

Definition:Those rules we use to determine whether we wish to accept or decline to provide or continue to provide a customer with service.
authorised user

Also Known As:account user; phone user
Definition:A person who is granted limited access to a customer account by the account holder.
available service area

Also Known As:coverage range; coverage
Definition:Locations in which the service network is capable of providing service. Information on coverage areas is available by contacting us or visiting our website.

Definition:The amount of data that can be transmitted in a fixed period of time. For digital devices, bandwidth is expressed in bits per second (bps) or bytes per second.
base station

Also Known As:tower; radio tower
Definition:The tower and radio transmitter/receiver which transmits and receives the network signal to and from a given area.
baud rate

Definition:A speed transmission measurement for the amount of information sent/received per second.
billing period

Also Known As:payment cycle; billing cycle; billing month; monthly bill
Definition:The period in which our customers are billed for services. Customers will have 12 billing periods per annum unless agreed otherwise.
billing run

Also Known As:billing date
Definition:The process of producing a bill for our customers. Each billing run corresponds to the end of a billing period.

Definition:A wireless data system, which operates on GPRS, networks, and interacts with email applications to enable wireless email forwarding.

Definition:A low power data transmission method of wireless communication between electronic devices such as mobile phones, printers, palm top devices and laptop and personal computers.

Also Known As:cable broadband; wireless broadband; satellite broadband
Definition:A class of communication channel capable of supporting a wide range of frequencies, typically from audio up to video frequencies. This type of channel can carry multiple signals by dividing the total capacity into multiple, independent bandwidth channels, where each channel operates only on a specific range of frequencies.

Definition:To follow links on a computer page or site, exploring available information.

Definition:A software computer program that enables the user to view documents on the web.

Also Known As:bundle
Definition:The grouping of available services and promotions to be offered as a plan.

Also Known As:B
Definition:Most common unit of data measurement. 1 byte = 8 bits.
Cabir mobile phone virus

Also Known As:Cabir virus
Definition:The first worm virus known to infect Bluetooth capable mobile phones.
Call Back

Definition:A Voicemail feature allowing a customer to return calls from within their Voicemail box.
call connect fee

Also Known As:flagfall fee; call connection fee
Definition:A one off cost incurred for the connection of a phone call. Applicable to some of our call plans.
Call Hold

Definition:A network feature allowing you to answer or make a second call by placing the first call on hold.
call plan

Also Known As:Plans; extended Call Plan; mobile service Plan
Definition:An agreement for call services, the terms of which may include a minimum term, monthly fees and call charges. The minimum term of a customer's plan is agreed at point of sale and confirmed in writing. Applicable fees and charges are outlined within the 'Other Fees and Charges' brochure.
Call Plan and Other Fees and Charges brochure

Definition:The brochure stipulating the costs for mobile and other services associated with a specific call plan.
call rates

Also Known As:call charges; call costs
Definition:The costs per call set out for each plan.
Call Recall

Definition:An optional Voicemail feature that sends the customer a text message containing the phone number of a caller who was diverted to Voicemail but did not leave a message.
Call Wait

Also Known As:Call Waiting
Definition:A network feature that allows the customer to be alerted of another incoming call during a call.

Definition:The service provider that provides telecommunications services.

Definition:The geographic area of the signal range from each mobile phone network base station.
cell broadcast

Also Known As:Cell Info Display
Definition:A free network service that indicates the base station currently in use.

Also Known As:Call Line Identification; Caller ID
Definition:A network service that displays the caller's number on the screen of the phone receiving the call.
Colour Wallpaper

Definition:A changeable background image on the screen of a mobile phone.
Conditions of Supply

Definition:The document accompanying new equipment deliveries to customers, confirming the terms of the service plan.
contact method

Definition:Mail, SMS, email or telephone call.
content limit

Definition:The monthly usage limit we may place on a mobile service. Our content limit may change from time to time.
corded touchtone phone

Also Known As:touchtone phone; tone phone
Definition:A fixed line phone with the handset attached to the receiver and that produces audible tones when keys are pressed.
cordless touchtone phone

Also Known As:touchtone phone; tone phone
Definition:A fixed line phone where the handset is not attached to the receiver and that produces audible tones when the keys are pressed.
coverage area

Also Known As:coverage range; coverage
Definition:The location in which the Optus Network is capable of providing mobile services.

Definition:Credit Reference Association of Australia
credit assessment

Also Known As:assessment
Definition:The evaluation of credit risk/suitability of applications for services.
credit bureau

Also Known As:credit agency; credit reporting agency
Definition:An organisation that provides information regarding the credit worthiness of an applicant.
credit limit

Definition:A limit we may place on your use of a service or on amounts you owe us at a point in time.
Customer Agreement

Also Known As:Agreement; Mobile Service Agreement; Subscriber Agreement; Welcome Pack
Definition:The terms and conditions under which we provide services.
Customer Authorisation

Also Known As:MNP Customer Authorisation; porting authorisation
Definition:The formal sanctioning by a customer for a mobile service provider to port of mobile number.
Customer Care Policies

Definition:The policies, procedures, terms and conditions under which we provide services. Our Customer Care Policies are updated from time to time and are available on our website or by contacting us.
Customer Care - Self-Serve

Definition:A range of automated customer service applications available to our customers via our website, including changing their billing address and changing their payment details.
customer number

Also Known As:Customer account number
Definition:The unique number identifying a customer's account.
Customer Service Guarantee

Definition:The current minimum performance standard set by the ACA under sections 115, 117 and 120 of the Telecommunications (Consumer Protection and Service Standards) Act 1999.
data service

Definition:A non-voice, encoded information service provided by us including Digital Data, Digital Fax, MMS, GPRS & WAP. (Excludes SMS)
Data Service Number

Definition:A service number assigned for transmission of encoded information over the Network other than voice calls, for example fax, WAP, GPRS.
Data Traffic

Also Known As:Data Upload; Data Download
Definition:The flow of data around the Internet, which includes electronic mail, uploads and downloads.
dial-up internet

Also Known As:DUI
Definition:An internet connection that uses the public switched telephone network rather than a dedicated circuit or other type of private network.
Digital Data

Definition:A mobile service we offer, enabling the connection of a compatible mobile phone to a personal computer (PC) or Personal Data Assistant (PDA) to access data networks and the Internet.
Digital Fax

Definition:A mobile service we offer, enabling the connection of a compatible mobile phone to a personal computer (PC) or Personal Data Assistant (PDA) to send and receive digital faxes.
direct debit date

Also Known As:Due Date; debit date
Definition:The date, on or after the due date, on which we automatically debit the customer's direct debit facility for the balance due.
direct debit facility

Also Known As:DDF
Definition:The debit account or credit charge account nominated by our customers for the debiting of fees and charges, including bills.
Direct Debit Request Form

Also Known As:PDC; B Direct Debit form; DDR; DDR Form
Definition:A document completed by our customers nominating their direct debit facility.

Also Known As:cancellation; plan cancellation
Definition:The cancellation or removal of a service from a network.
disconnection notice

Definition:Advice given to us by a customer of their intention to disconnect their service.
diversion codes

Definition:A string of numbers that, when entered into a phone, will activate or deactivate a diversion.

Also Known As:diversions; forward calls; call divert
Definition:A redirection of incoming calls to another phone number.

Definition:The highest subdivision of a region name in a network address, which identifies the type of entity owning the address (for example, .com for commercial users or .edu for educational institutions) or the geographical location of the address (for example, .fr for France or .sg for Singapore).

Definition:To receive a transfer of data from a remote device to the requesting device.
drop out

Also Known As:dropped call
Definition:The termination of a call due to network congestion or other reasons.

Also Known As:Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
Definition:A subscriber line that delivers exceptionally high-speed data transmission over existing copper telephone lines separating the voice-frequency signals from the high-speed data traffic and controls and routes digital subscriber line traffic between the subscriber's end-user equipment (router, modem, or network interface card) and the network service provider's network.

Also Known As:dual tone multi-frequency
Definition:A facility for sending multi-frequency tones across a network from a phone. Each number, when pressed, transmits its own individual sound.

Definition:Mobile phones that are capable of operating on mobile network frequency bands GSM900 and GSM1800 where available.

Definition:The type of transmission technology used by a mobile phone supporting AMPS and TDMA.
due date

Definition:The date the amount shown on each customer's tax invoice is due to be paid to Soul. The due date is not less than 14 days after the tax invoice date.

Also Known As:modem jacking
Definition:A practice where a DUI user, while surfing the Internet, encounters a pop up box that, once clicked, disconnects the current connection to the ISP and redials an overseas or premium rate number to access a private internet service. Only applicable to DUI services.
early disconnection

Definition:The cancellation of a service prior to the completion of the minimum plan term.

Definition:An online auction site.

Definition:A service we offer to our customers that allows them to receive email notification when their bill is available to view online, instead of having a paper bill posted to them.

Also Known As:Enhanced Full Rate
Definition:A network and mobile phone feature enabling better speech quality to GSM users.

Also Known As:Early Life Failure; ELF return; DOA; Dead on Arrival
Definition:The failure of equipment within a specific time period set by the manufacturer.
ELF Warranty

Also Known As:Early Life Failure Warranty; DOA; Service exchange
Definition:A manufacturer's warranty, provided in addition to the standard warranty. The ELF warranty covers equipment for a specified period after purchase.

Also Known As:Enhanced Messaging Service
Definition:Enhanced Messaging Service is based on SMS (Short Message Service). An EMS enabled mobile phone can send and receive messages that include pixel pictures and animations, sound effects, ring signals and formatted text.

Also Known As:mobile phone; SIM card; accessories; batteries
Definition:Mobile phones, SIM cards, CD's and any other hardware or accessories sold or supplied by us.

Also Known As:FAQs
Definition:Frequently Asked Questions
fees and charges

Also Known As:Other Fees and Charges
Definition:The plan charges and other fees and charges payable by our customers as defined within the customer agreement and the 'Other Fees and Charges' brochures including any additional amounts of applicable GST.

Definition:A security system intended to help protect an organisation's computer network against external threats such as hackers, or prevents computers in the organisation's network from communicating directly with computers external to the network and vice versa. All communication is routed through a proxy server outside of the organisation's network and the proxy server decides whether it is safe to let a particular message or file pass through to the organisation's network.
fixed dialling

Definition:A mobile phone feature that enables calls to be restricted to pre-designated numbers.

Also Known As:Gb,GB
Definition:Data value equivalent to one thousand (1,000) megabytes.

Also Known As:Ghz
Definition:A unit of frequency (one billion cycles per second) used to measure the clock rate of modern digital logic, including microprocessors.

Also Known As:General Packet Radio Service
Definition:A data transmission upgrade for GSM networks, allowing a data transfer rate of up to 115kps and continuous connection.

Also Known As:Global System for Mobile Communications; Digital GSM
Definition:A system for mobile communications that uses digital technology and a transmission method that emulates the characteristics of human speech.

Also Known As:Goods and Services Tax
Definition:The tax imposed by A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax Imposition General) Act 1999 and any regulations thereto or such other Act and regulations of equivalent effect.

Definition:A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax ) Act 1999.
GST Supply

Definition:A supply as defined in and which is subject to liability for GST under the GST Act.
Hardware Payment Plan

Also Known As:HPP; Handset Payment Plan
Definition:An agreement allowing our customers to purchase equipment from us and pay for it in monthly instalments over an agreed term.
home phone

Also Known As:home phone service, fixed line, land line, PSTN, public Switched Telephone Network.
Definition:The standard telephone service comprising connection to the public switched telephone network plus any other service(s) offered by us including any enhanced services. To be referred to as 'fixed line' for corporate customers.
home phone fault

Definition:A partial or total loss of service to a home phone service.
idle time

Definition:The period of time in which little or no data traffic flows across a dial up internet connection.

Also Known As:International Mobile Equipment Identification ; IMEI number
Definition:The unique serial number of a mobile phone.
included call allowance

Also Known As:free airtime; free calls per month; Pre-paid calls; included calls; bundled airtime
Definition:The amount of calls provided under the call plan in each billing period.
indication tone

Also Known As:dial tone
Definition:Any tone generated by the network to signify that the number dialled is engaged or that a service is suspended.
international dialling prefix

Also Known As:International codes; country code
Definition:A code that consists of 1, 2, or 3 digit numbers. The first digit designates the region and succeeding digits, if any, designate the country being dialled.
International Direct Dialling

Also Known As:International calls; Soul international; ‘yes’ international™; IDD
Definition:The capacity of phone services to call direct to overseas phone numbers.
International Roaming

Also Known As:Soul roaming; Soul International Roaming; Global Roaming
Definition:A service that allows our customers to use their mobile service in some overseas countries.
International Roaming bond

Also Known As:roaming bond; deposit
Definition:A deposit that we may require of a customer before International Roaming is activated.
International SMS

Definition:The ability to send a text message to a mobile service in another country.
Internet service

Also Known As:net
Definition:Connection to the global network of computers known as the Internet using software protocols supported by us, plus any other services offered by us including enhanced services.
Internet Service Provider

Also Known As:ISP
Definition:An organisation that provides individuals and organisations with access to the Internet and web presence.
invoice date

Also Known As:Tax Invoice date
Definition:The date a customer's bill is generated.
isolation test

Definition:A test to identify where a fault lies. Often performed to determine whether the fault is with equipment or the network.

Also Known As:Interactive Voice Response
Definition:An automated system of pre-recorded voice prompts, controlled by a touch-tone telephone or speech-recognition system.
late payment fee

Also Known As:Default Fee
Definition:An administration fee charged where payment of a customer's bill is overdue.
life threatening calls

Definition:The use of a telecommunications service connected with an event potentially perilous to human life.
local calls

Definition:Home phone calls within the same exchange.
local services

Definition:Home phone line rental and local calls.

Definition:A picture or graphic that can be displayed on the home screen of a mobile phone.

Definition:A file belonging to a particular user on a particular computer in which received electronic mail messages are stored ready for the user to read them. A mailbox may be just an electronic mail address to which messages are sent and may not actually correspond to a file if the messages are processed automatically.

Also Known As:Mb
Definition:Data value equivalent to one million (1,000,000) bytes.

Also Known As:Mhz
Definition:A unit of frequency (one million cycles per second) used to measure the clock rate of modern digital logic, including microprocessors.

Definition:A single national number used for DUI access eliminating the need for multiple local POP numbers. These are charged as local calls.
Message Waiting Indicator

Also Known As:MWI
Definition:An SMS prompted visual alert appearing on the mobile phone screen, usually in the form of an envelope icon, indicating a message has been received.

Also Known As:Multimedia Messaging Service
Definition:A message system that enables the sending of still and video colour images, graphics, audio files and text via a mobile network.
mobile carrier

Also Known As:Carrier; network
Definition:A mobile phone network, for example Optus.
mobile number porting

Also Known As:Port; Porting; Mobile Number Portability; port out; port in; MNT; transfer; mobile number transfer; MNP
Definition:The transfer of a mobile service number from one mobile service provider to another as defined by the Telecommunications Numbering Plan 1997, including transfers to other service providers for the same network.
mobile phone

Also Known As:Handset; Phone; Cellular; Cell Phone; mobile
Definition:A portable telephone using a cellular radio system. Includes a radio transmitter and receiver.
mobile phone blocking

Also Known As:IMEI Blocking; blocking; unblocking
Definition:A service that prevents mobile phones reported as lost or stolen being used on Australian mobile networks.
mobile service number

Also Known As:mobile phone number; mobile number; number; phone number, MSN
Definition:The 10 digit number allocated to each mobile service.
mobile service number swap

Also Known As:mobile number swap
Definition:A change of mobile service number to another with the same service provider.
mobile services

Also Known As:mobile account; service
Definition:The digital mobile phone service or services that we provide to customers including any standard or enhanced services that may be provided. Information on our standard and enhanced services is available on our website.

Also Known As:Satellite phones
Definition:A type of mobile network separate from the GSM network, and which provides coverage using satellite technology.

Definition:A device for transmitting digital data over the fixed line telephone network by modulating the data into an audio signal to send it, and demodulating an audio signal into data to receive.

Definition:An internet communication channel with a low data rate. Typically a dial up internet channel with a download speed at or below 56k baud.
Network Access Server

Also Known As:NAS
Definition:A device which answers a PSTN/ISDN call and converts that call to IP traffic.
network congestion

Definition:Occurs where all phone lines through the available base stations are in use.
network dependant

Also Known As:network feature
Definition:Describes any feature of a mobile phone which requires specific support from the mobile network in use.
network message centre

Definition:The network gateway that relays messages from the sending mobile service number to the receiving mobile service number.
new line

Also Known As:new home phone
Definition:A new home phone service installed where there is no preexisting socket.
Ni-Cad battery

Also Known As:Nickel Cadmium battery
Definition:A common battery type used in many notebook computers and early mobile phone models.
Ni-MH battery

Also Known As:Nickel Metal Hydride battery
Definition:A common battery type for mobile phones.

Also Known As:Network Identity and Time Zone
Definition:A mobile phone feature that automatically adjusts to the correct local time when travelling between time zones.
Nokia Navi™ Key

Also Known As:Navi Key
Definition:The multi-purpose menu key trademarked to Nokia mobile phones.

Also Known As:new user tutorial
Definition:A Voicemail service that teaches new users how to use, access and adapt the service to their needs.

Definition:Not currently connected to the internet.

Definition:Currently connected to the internet.
online application

Definition:An application to make a purchase via our website.
online customer service

Definition:The option for our customers to make enquiries via our website.
operating system

Definition:The software that controls the allocation and usage of hardware resources such as memory, central processing unit (CPU) time, disk space, and peripheral devices.
operator services

Definition:The Optus directory assistance service. Includes 124YES.
Optus coverage

Definition:All geographic regions of Australia within sufficient range of Optus base transceiver stations that facilitate usage of a digital GSM mobile phone connected to the Optus Network.
Optus Internet Gateway

Definition:The interface between the Optus Network and the Internet that allows our customers to access the Internet via their mobile service. This service requires WAP or GPRS.

Also Known As:Over The Air Provisioning
Definition:A packet of data sent to a mobile phone containing provisioning instructions for WAP, GPRS and MMS.

Definition:A temporary suspension of operation of services.

Definition:A grouping of services and plans which are sold together under specific terms and conditions.

Also Known As:passcode; online password; 4 digit password; account passcode
Definition:A unique alpha or numeric string used to log into the My Account section of our website, an Internet service or email.

Also Known As:Personal Digital Assistant
Definition:A handheld device that combines computing, telephone, fax, Internet and networking features. Some PDA's can function as a mobile phone, fax sender, web browser and personal organiser.
personal information

Definition:The same meaning as defined within the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.
personal web page

Also Known As:personal website
Definition:A web page created by an individual for private use (as opposed to a created web page by or for an institution, business, organisation or other entity).
Picture Messages

Definition:Graphic or pixel messages that can be sent via SMS.

Also Known As:PIN Number; Personal Identification Number; mobile phone PIN; PIN code
Definition:A mobile phone security function that requires entry of a predetermined code to use a phone or service.

Also Known As:PIN2; Personal Identification Number 2
Definition:A mobile phone security function that requires entry of a predetermined code to use some secondary mobile phone features.

Also Known As:Contract; Agreement
Definition:A contract for services, the terms which may include minimum term, monthly fees and call charges, etc.
plan change

Also Known As:Call Plan Migration; Plan Upgrade; Plan Downgrade; Plan Change; migration
Definition:The migration of a service to another plan.
plan expiry

Also Known As:contract expiry
Definition:The end of the minimum term of the agreement for services.
plan payout

Also Known As:Call Plan Payout
Definition:The balance of the access fees for the minimum term of a plan, payable if a service is cancelled before the end of the minimum term.
plan term

Also Known As:minimum term; Call Plan term
Definition:The nominal length of a plan, agreed upon at the time of purchase.
plan transfer

Also Known As:transfer; contract transfer
Definition:The change of ownership of a plan to another party.
plan upgrade

Definition:An agreement to upgrade a customer's plan to one of our current plans.
polyphonic ringtones

Also Known As:Polyphonics
Definition:A mobile phone ringtone feature that allows multiple musical notes to be played simultaneously.

Also Known As:Post Office Protocol
Definition:A protocol used to retrieve email from a mail server.
port rejection

Also Known As:MNP Rejection
Definition:The advice received by a service provider that a port request has failed.
port request

Also Known As:MNP request
Definition:The request by a gaining service provider for a losing service provider to release a mobile service number at the customer's request.
port reversal

Also Known As:MNP Reversal
Definition:The overturning of a port request by a customer.

Definition:A web site designed to be an entry point to the World Wide Web, typically offering a search engine and/or links to useful pages, and possibly news or other services.

Also Known As:number port; porting in
Definition:The transfer of a telephone number from a Network or Service Provider to Soul.

Also Known As:number port; porting out;
Definition:The transfer of a telephone number from Soul to another Network or Service Provider.

Definition:Postpaid describes service plans where services are paid for after their use, usually by the service provider sending the customer a bill at the end of each billing period (for example, monthly) with a due date for payment. Note: Postpaid services differ from prepaid, where an amount is paid in advance creating a credit that is used to pay for service charges in real time.
premium services

Definition:The premium rate mobile services such as international direct dialling, international roaming and other services so designated by us from time to time.

Definition:Prepaid describes mobile service plans where services are paid for in advance. Service charges are then paid for in real time using the ‘credit’ that the service has available. Typically prepaid services do not involve the customer receiving regular bills or statements. Note: Prepaid services differ from postpaid, where the customer is billed for services after their use.
primary contact

Definition:The phone number, email address or other specific contact designated by you and accepted by us to use as our primary means of contacting you in relation to your account.
primary mobile number

Definition:The mobile service number designated by a customer and accepted by us to use as the primary contact number for account related information.
primary service

Definition:The service and relevant service passcode nominated by you to recognise you as the account holder or authorised person allowing full access to the account. Also used to communicate account level related information where multiple services exist on your account.
priority assistance

Definition:Services offered to persons who are diagnosed with a life threatening medical condition with a high risk of rapid deterioration to a life threatening situation, and where access to a telephone would assist to remedy the life threatening situation.
Privacy Act

Definition:The government act that protects our customers from unauthorised access of their account.
Privacy Policy

Definition:Our policy governing the collection, use and protection of our customers' personal information.
pro rata

Definition:The proportionate allocation of access fees, insurance premiums or included calls dependant on the number of days a customer is connected in their first billing period.
proof of delivery

Also Known As:POD
Definition:The document confirming delivery of equipment to a customer.
proof of purchase

Also Known As:POP
Definition:A document identifying all equipment delivered to the customer.

Also Known As:Activating; disconnecting; barring; etc.
Definition:The activation, suspension and disconnection of services by us.

Also Known As:PUK code
Definition:A unique code which unlocks the SIM when the incorrect PIN has been entered into a mobile phone 3 times in a row.

Also Known As:PUK2 code
Definition:An 8 digit code required to change a blocked PIN2 code.
Push to Talk

Also Known As:PTT
Definition:Push to Talk is a direct method of communication over a speech circuit in which the talker is required to keep a switch operated while talking for one-on-one or one-to-group communication using compatible mobile phones.
quarantine period

Definition:The period of time, usually 6 months after disconnection, during which a mobile service number is unable to be re-allocated.
recovery action

Also Known As:Recoveries Action
Definition:The pursuit of overdue debt when standard collection action has failed.
Renewal Agreement

Also Known As:reconnect, renewal
Definition:An agreement to extend a plan, plan extension or plan upgrade beyond the current minimum plan term.
ring time

Definition:The duration a phone is set to ring before diverting.

Also Known As:call alert tone
Definition:The sound emitted by a phone to indicate an incoming call or message.

Also Known As:Recommended Retail Price
Definition:The normal selling price nominated by a manufacturer or distributor for a product or service.
security bond

Also Known As:Bond; security deposit
Definition:A deposit that may be required before entering a plan with us, or activating some services.
security code

Definition:A predetermined number used to prevent unauthorised access to a mobile phone.

Also Known As:mobile service; home phone service; internet service
Definition:Any and all of the digital mobile phone services, home phone services and internet services that we provide including any enhanced services and our customer support services.
service network

Definition:The carrier of the telecommunications service sold to customers by us, which includes the mobile network.
service provider

Also Known As:CSP; Mobile Service Provider; SP; ISP
Definition:The company provisioning telecommunications services. For our customers this is us.
service suspension

Also Known As:suspension; barring; temporary restrictive bar; bar; a-bar; o-bar
Definition:A full or partial restriction placed on a service disabling the service without disconnecting it.

Also Known As:Standard Form of Agreement
Definition:An Agreement document between Soul and its customers providing all the details of each service offered by Soul. Also includes Plan Group information; Policies; Standard Pricing Table; and Descriptions of Value Added Services.
SFOA Summary

Also Known As:Standard Form of Agreement Summary
Definition:The document provided to customers when they receive a new service outlining details of the particular service purchased from us.
Shared Spectrum Service

Definition:Shared Spectrum Service is the term used to describe the agreement where services are provided on separate Carrier Networks via the same telephone line. For example, ADSL2+ provided via a Soul Network DSLAM and voice services provided by Soul over the Telstra Network.
short message service centre

Also Known As:SMS centre
Definition:The combination of network hardware and software responsible for the relaying, storing and forwarding short messages between mobile devices including mobile phones, hand-held computers and PDA's.
silent number

Definition:A home phone service number that does not appear in the White Pages and where the outgoing CLI is blocked. Not to be confused with an unlisted number.
SIM card

Also Known As:SIM; phone chip; Smart card; Access card
Definition:The subscriber identity module card that the network owns, but is provided to our customers to be placed into the mobile phone to enable use of a mobile service.
SIM card number

Also Known As:SIM number
Definition:The unique 20 digit number identifying each SIM card. Only the last 12 numbers are usually printed on the SIM card.

Also Known As:Short Message Service; text message
Definition:A mobile service allowing the sending of text based messages via a mobile network.
SMS chat

Definition:A mobile phone feature allowing SMS messages to be displayed in a conversational format.
SMS chat rooms

Definition:A network feature that allows our customers to communicate within communities and chat via SMS.

Also Known As:Unsolicited Commercial Email
Definition:Unwanted messages sent to your email account or mobile phone. These messages are essentially commercial: they may try to persuade you to buy a product or service, to visit a website where you can make purchases, or may attempt to trick you into divulging your bank account or credit card details.
standard services

Definition:Services that are eligible to be part of any applicable included call allowance.
standby time

Definition:The length of time that a fully charged battery will power a phone without making or receiving a call.

Also Known As:Soul Fax; fax; mobile fax
Definition:An enhanced service offering the convenience of having a mobile fax machine without additional equipment. Faxes are stored in the Voicemail box until the customer redirects them to a standard fax machine.

Also Known As:Page; Soul Paging
Definition:An enhanced service that diverts calls to a live operator when a customer is unable to take a call. Messages are then forwarded to the mobile phone as an SMS text message.
talk time

Definition:The length of time that a fully charged battery will power a phone engaged in transmission.
tax invoice date

Definition:The issue date of a tax invoice.

Also Known As:Time Division Multiple Access
Definition:A type of mobile network different from the GSM network. Not currently used in Australia.
technical support

Definition:Assistance of a technical nature offered to customers.
Third Party content

Definition:Products and information provided by third parties to you which you can access through your service.
Third Party Content Provider

Definition:A party that provides third party content to customers via the service provided by us.

Also Known As:Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman
Definition:An independent authority for customers of telecommunications services who have a complaint about any related services.
title to equipment

Definition:The ownership of equipment represented in the form of a receipt document.
tone phone

Also Known As:touchtone phone
Definition:A ‘tone phone’ has a keypad (rather than a dial) and produces audible tones when keys are pressed. Most modern phones and all mobile phones are tone phones.

Also Known As:Transfer of Plan; Transfer of mobile service; transfer of contract; plan transfer
Definition:The change of ownership of a plan to another party.

Definition:Describes mobile phones capable of operating on mobile network frequency bands GSM900; GSM1800 (both used by the Optus Network) and GSM1900 (commonly used in the USA) where available.
Trojan Horse

Definition:A computer virus embedded within a program.

Also Known As:Text Telephone; Telephone typewriter
Definition:A telecommunication device for the deaf.
Unbilled calls service

Also Known As:Call query; Unbilled calls; Unbilled call balance; Unbilled call service
Definition:An automated service that allows our customers to request SMS advice of the approximate value of the air time used by their mobile service number since their last bill.
unlisted number

Also Known As:Silent number
Definition:A home phone number that does not appear in the White Pages, but does not have CLI blocked. Not to be confused with a silent number.
unusual activity

Also Known As:UA
Definition:A customer's action which may lead to excessive spend on a service.
unwelcome calls

Also Known As:nuisance calls; harassment calls
Definition:The use of a telecommunications service in a menacing, offensive or harassing manner, but which is not life threatening.

Also Known As:load; download
Definition:To send data to a remote device from a requesting device.
usage record

Definition:The record of a call or data transfer provided to us by the service network.
User Guide

Definition:A document containing basic step by step information on how to perform a single task.
user names

Definition:The registered name created by a user when registering for a service.

Definition:Someone who uses a service. May or may not be the account holder.
verbal declaration

Also Known As:telephone declaration; recorded declaration
Definition:Spoken confirmation of an agreement between us and a customer.
video streaming

Definition:A continuous digital video and/or audio signal across a data network.

Also Known As:Voice Messages; 321; Soul Voicemail; Divert; Voice mail, VM.
Definition:A network service allowing callers to leave retrievable messages when a call is not answered.
Voicemail box

Definition:The repository for all messages deposited within a customer's Voicemail service.
Voicemail box number

Definition:The generic number 321 that allows access to deposited Voicemail messages.
Voicemail deposit

Definition:A message left on a Voicemail service.
Voicemail PIN code

Also Known As:Voicemail PIN number
Definition:A 4 to 9 digit personal identification number for accessing the Voicemail box from a fixed line phone.
Voicemail retrieval

Also Known As:retrieving message
Definition:The retrieval of and listening to deposited Voicemail messages.

Also Known As:Wireless Application Protocol
Definition:A network dependant service that makes it possible to access specially written pages on the internet via a compatible mobile phone.

Also Known As:‘yes’ info Wap; Soul WAP; WAP
Definition:A network information service which allows compatible GSM's to access modified sites of the Internet.

Also Known As:‘yes’ info Wap plus
Definition:A network service which allows GPRS compatible mobile phones to access WAP sites on the Internet.
Welcome Pack

Definition:The documentation provided to new customers with their service details, plan details or mobile phone equipment. The Welcome Pack includes the Customer Agreement, the Call Plan and Other Fees and Charges brochure and information on our services.
Wireless Internet

Also Known As:‘yes’ info Internet
Definition:An Optus service offering Internet access via mobile phones used as modems. 'yes' info Internet operates over Optus' GPRS network
World Wide Web

Also Known As:WWW
Definition:The total set of interlinked hypertext documents residing on HTTP servers all around the world.
worm virus

Also Known As:worm
Definition:A computer virus that replicates and forwards itself without assistance to other computer devices.
yes international™

Also Known As:‘yes’ international™; International Direct Dialling
Definition:An Optus promotion offering flat rate international calls to our customers.
yes Time™

Also Known As:‘yes’ Time™
Definition:An Optus promotion providing free calls between 8pm to midnight from an Optus GSM to another Optus GSM mobile service, 7 days a week for the first 20 minutes of calls.
yes Weekend™

Also Known As:‘yes’ Weekend™
Definition:An Optus promotion offering calls made from an Optus mobile service to any other Optus GSM mobile service between midnight Friday and midnight Sunday for 20c (GST inc.) for the first 10 minutes.