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Customer Agreement

Soul Customer Agreement
For new mobile services connected from 15th May 2007. The Soul Customer Agreement is effective for other services and existing customers from July 1st 2007.

B Customer Agreement
For services purchased inclusive of B internet and/or B home phone but excluding B mobile services, the B Customer Agreement applies from May 15th 2004. This agreement will be superseded by the Soul Customer Agreement from 15th May 2007 for new new mobile services and July 1st 2007 for all customers.

Old Customer Agreement
On 15th July 2004 we will modify our standard Customer Agreement to introduce the terms and conditions under which we supply our new telecommunications services. Specifically we will introduce terms and conditions in relation to our supply and your use of:

  • home phone services
  • internet services
  • third party content services
  • our customer support
Some clarification of existing terms and conditions will also be performed.

"Change of Lessee" for a Basic Telephone Service Effective 11.08.08