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About SOUL

By signing up with SOUL, you are joining the second largest data and voice network in Australia, covering 98% of the nation's population.

Soul is the country's only converged media and telecommunications business enabling communication of voice, data & video on one network.

Soul started out as a relatively small company in 2001 where its predominant focus was in the corporate and government marketplace in regional Australia.

At this time Soul adopted the brand, SPT (or Soul Pattinson Telecommunications) however in October 2005, changed its brand name to "Soul" to reflect the truly national telecommunications / media group that we are today. The new brand provides a link to our heritage (Washington H Soul Pattinson) but it is also a strong brand name that will be marketed extensively across Australia from February onwards.

It has been in the last 18 months that Soul has expanded significantly. With the combined businesses (Soul, B Digital, Digiplus, Kooee, Comindico and NBN Television) there are now in excess of 1100 employees nationally and offices in all the major capital cities.

Soul offers the full suite of telecommunication products to consumers as well as business and government customers for example; NSW Government, Oroton, Thrifty and Coates Hire all use the Soul network for their telecommunication needs.

To complement this expansion and the new brand, Soul's profile is building as we start to introduce and advertise our services to the consumer market-place, nationally.