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Important Note:

Soul recently merged with TPG and we are in the process of migrating eligible ADSL customers onto TPG owned infrastructure.

If your ADSL service has been migrated, the way you log onto our My Account section will have changed:

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Soul Customer for:

  • Home Phone
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  • Dial-up Internet
  • Not yet migrated ADSL

Soul starting with number 1 or 2

  • This can be found on your Soul invoice.

Identity verification password given when discussing your account or service with Soul.

Soul Customer for:

  • Migrated ADSL

New Soul TPG number starting with 3 or 4.

  • This can be found on your Online invoices accessed through My Account

Internet log-in password

TPG Customers

Please visit

Please visit


We have recently introduced an alternative to sending conventional printed billing statements via post to a new and more environmental friendly electronic invoicing system called Ebill.

Soul will be soon sending a notice to customers via post introducing this change. The notice will also include step by step instructions on how to switch to Ebill.

A monthly charge of $3 for paper bills will apply after 60 days from the date of this notice. Alternatively you can make the simple switch to Ebill and avoid the $3 charge.

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